Did You Know?

The Law Says we Must Educate

  • The South Carolina Constitution says we must educate all students
  • All students must attend
  • Districts must enroll district students for free
  • School Boards must provide schoolhouses, teachers, etc.

Excellent Schools

  • "A" Federal Accountability Rating
  • "Excellent" State Report Card
  • Palmetto Gold - Every School
  • 1563 AVG SAT (1498 US AVG)
  • 23.1 ACT (20.9 US AVG)
  • 18.4 Million in Scholarships Earned by 2013 Seniors

Student Enrollment Will Exceed Capacity in 2017

  • ​Large elementary enrollment is rising through the grade levels
  • 2017: Middle school exceeds capacity (construction takes 36 months)
  • 2019: High school enrollment exceeds capacity (construction takes 48 months)
  • Training and Warehousing space already at capacity

Bond Referrendum Details

New Middle and High School $165.2M

  • Middle School #5
  • High School #3

Technology, Land, and Renovations $43.7M

  • Technology
  • Land for the future
  • Renovations to existing schools

Training/Warehousing Space, Transportation, and Sports $18.7M

  • Admin space for training and warehousing
  • School busses
  • Aquatics Center 

How Much?

Total Bond

  • $226.6 Million

Tax Impact

  • ​30.5 Mils on real and personal property
  • $277 per year on AVG house assessment

How Long?

  • Bonds will be financed for 20 years

Have We Considered?

Impact Fees

  • SC law bans impact fees to benefit schools
  • Fort Mill Schools $2,500.00 impact fee is grandfathered in
  • Any attempts to increase the fee could result in their elimination

Control Growth

  • ​School Districts have no legal authority to approve or deny any development
  • Fort Mill School District has and will continue to discuss the impact of development with the Town of Fort Mill, the City of Tega Cay, and York County
  • Districts must enroll qualified students

Needs, not Wants

  • ​Existing facilities are not adequate for projected student enrollment
  • 10 year study identified critical needs projects
  • Swim programs at risk of being shut down with closure of its swim team facility (Leroy Springs Recreation Complex)

Alternatives to Success

Mobile Classrooms & Overcrowding

  • Student enrollment will necessitate mobile classrooms
  • Mobile classroom roughly equal a teacher's salary
  • Cost of mobile classrooms will reduce available money for teachers
  • Districts low student teacher ratio will rise
  • Lunchroom and school-wide facilities will serve more students than they were designed for, leading to scheduling problems (like lunch times in the morning or afternoon)

Student Achievement and Participation

  • High student teacher ratios could lead to poor performance
  • Teaching in Fort Mill may loose its appeal
  • As student populations rise, students will have less opportunities to participate in the arts and sports

Quality of Life

  • Excellent schools are attributed to our high quality of life
  • As schools suffer, our quality of life may suffer
  • Our high quality of life is cited as enhancing property values in the Fort Mill School district