2018 Referendum

Contents & Tax Impact

2018 Referendum Contents

The referendum includes the following projects:

Middle School #6 $53,646,800

Elementary School #11 $44,623,878

Elementary School #10 $42,278,388

Technology $20,548,624

Land for Future School Sites $16,864,534

Major Facility Maintenance $8,977,776

Transportation: 20 Buses $ 2,200,000

Total* Bond Referendum: $190M

Tax Impact = 10 mils:
$8 per month / $99 per year on average FMSD home ($249,750)

* Total includes bond issuance costs
Impact Fee: Potential for no tax increase

York County and the Fort Mill School District are currently doing a study as part of the process to increase the impact fee for new homes in the FMSD. The fee is currently at $2,500 and the proposed increase would completely offset this referendum. This is scheduled to be voted on as early as March, and all signs are very promising.

With Impact Fee:

Without Impact Fee:

Summary of New Schools in Referendum

Elementary School # 10
• Cost: $42,278,388
• Building Capacity: 1000
• Opening Date : August 2020

Elementary School # 11
• Cost: $44,623,878
• Building Capacity: 1000
• Opening Date : August 2020

Middle School # 6
• Cost: $53,646,800
• Building Capacity: 1000
• Opening Date : August 2021

19,156 existing homes in FMSD with 10,705 new homes permitted and projected to be occupied in 5yrs

Technology: $20.5M

• Desktops & Laptops
• Refreshed Mobile Devices
• Increased Mobile Devices in Middle Schools
• Increased Mobile Devices in Elementary Schools
• Replacement of Technology equipment
• Replacement of Security Cameras

Major Facility Maintenance: $8.9M

Major maintenance paid for through operational funds would be a severe drain on ability to hire new teachers as district grows.

Includes major maintenance items for aging schools:

• Concrete & Driveway repair/replacement
• Roof Replacements
• HVAC Replacement
• Cafeteria Equipment Replacement

Land: $16.8M

Land amount includes placeholder for 3-4 sites inclusive of approximately 100 acres.

We buy land ahead for multiple reasons:

• There are fewer and fewer sites available in Fort Mill with enough usable area for a school
• Buying land ahead saves taxpayer money (approximately 1M on CRHS)
• Even through the housing crisis the value of land never decreased
• The price of land is only going up
• Land that the district owns is land that isn't being developed for more houses

Transportation: $2.2M

Additional buses (~20) to support growing population and aging fleet


Where to vote?


March 20, 2018

Vote "YES"

for Fort Mill School Bond

Pick up a yard sign to show your support at
115 Springs Street